New Crazy Non-MLM Defi Token Launches July 1st Backed By $150M Project That You Can Grab At 50 Times Cheaper Than Public Market Price And Get Constant Flow Of Rewards From Staking

How To Register And Get Started With Daisy And Participate In Daisy Token Presale

Steps to Join Daisy And Participate In Daisy Token Pre-Sale

  1. Create TronLink wallet Account on Google Chrome extension and deposit USDT TRC-20 to the wallet corresponding to the amount of daisy packages you want to purchase and the amount of Daisy Tokens you want to purchase in the presale of July 1st – July 6th. Make sure to leave enough TRX $20 – $50 for the transaction fees.

    ** All Daisy Tokens will be available to be purchased only through USDT TRC-20.

  2. If you don’t have Daisy Account yet you first must sign up by clicking the link on this page and upgrade your tiers. Upon registration you pay $100 USDT for tier 1 of Daisy Crowdfund.

  3. If you already have Daisy account then you can see all the details of how to participate in Daisy Token presale here

  4. There are 4 rounds of Daisy Token pre-sale. Round 1 – 75M tokens for $0.1, Round 2 – 75M tokens for $0.25, Round 3 – 75M tokens for $0.5 and Round 4 – 75M tokens for $1.

    Remember you can only participate in the token sale up to the amount of tiers you have active in Daisy. For example if you have 4 tiers only for $100, $200, $400 and $800 total $1,500 then you can only get $1,500 worth of Daisy tokens, unless there will be extra left in each round which is not guaranteed.

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